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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Friday, April 19, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 EXS AND OHS Lacked that knockout kind of punch you need to win here in first try. Still trotted faster, so that is a good thing. Moves all the way to the rail and plots for a close-up trip. Let’s see if she can go any faster
2 BIZET Had every chance last week, but was clearly outmuscled by a very well-meant foe. With that said, he’s meeting a few new shooters here, but has speed to control things if Yannick wants. Will be tough to catch no matter what.
3 MERCHANDISER It’s been quite some tie since we’ve seen Greg Peck here with a good trotter! Maybe this 6YO will become one? On the comeback trail here after missing all of last year. So far, it looks good! Gives mile track a test.
4 SAY YOU DO It certainly appears that this guy has come back good at age four! That’s a real nice campaign starter down in Florida. So, onto the truck and up north for a big track try. He liked the big track up in Canada. Watch out!
5 KING CAVIAR Still can’t believe he was able to fly though at the pylons last week! Paid instant dividends for the new barn, and a nice price if you bet! However, I usually say if you didn’t go to the wedding (you know the rest.) Trainer: Shocked me with his performance last week, setting a new lifetime mark. Catches a tougher bunch, hoping for same results.
6 LASA DIDA LADY I have no idea where this mare is at right now, but it doesn’t look good. MIA for several weeks. Tries Lasix tonight, and we’ll see if that wakes her up a bit. Not sure about that.
7 CHIEF JUSTICE Endured another really rough trip last week trying to grind. Seems to be stuck in same situation with yet another bad starting slot. Overdue to get a little luckier and maybe pick off a few late. A big maybe from out here.
8 FINAL DREAM Really turned things around last week with a much improved effort. Was it the trip? Even outkicked #2 at the end. Not exactly “rewarded” with this post, so I wonder what the strategy will be. Very tough call in pp8.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 WARRIOR ONE Surprisingly ended up being favored last week in round two. Did well chasing an uncatchable winner. Unfortunately, he might be doing the same thing tonight! IF #6 comes back with same speed, he won’t be easy catch.
2 LUCKY WEEKEND Not exactly making a big impact in the series so far. I can’t be overly confident that this will be any different. Best asset here is the post, so he can stick close. But, he will have to find more trot to have upset chance.
3 LUCIUS VORENUS He did trot a little faster last week, but wasn’t really much of a threat. Hoping these trotters get to race on a somewhat “dry” track tonight, but the forecast isn’t good. Racing into shape, and seems more manageable. Trainer: He’s honest! He tries hard, but was no match for winner last time. Can grab a piece.
4 LA DOLFINA Took last week off, which might not be a good thing. He was okay, but not great in round one two weeks ago. Could have easily disliked that off track too! Not sure what to expect tonight, so demand good price if like.
5 HL REVADON He’s chased #6 twice now and had no luck either time. Did perform well, but not good enough to put a real scare into him. I liked the better early zip he offered last time and wonder if that’s coming tonight? Tough call.
6 FINAL CLAIM If you weren’t a believer in this guy after his first romp, then you should have been after the second. That was a superb brush and crush to take the opening leg. Skipped last week. That’s probably okay. One to beat.
7 DIVINE SPIRIT Broke on the off track in round one. I can forgive that. Got slammed with horrible post last week. I can forgive that too! Drew poorly again, however, and that I can’t take. How can he possibly work out good trip? Can’t.
8 CHEAP TRICKS Also went to running in that wild race two weeks ago. I do not like that he missed leg two, especially off the mistake. The post is also a killer tonight, so he looks like a longshot in here.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 MISTRESS ANGELINA Was purposely taken off the gate from the bad post last week. No problem. Moves back inside and this is where she can do a little more damage. Don’t be surprised if Vinny gets very aggressive again. Must use.
2 LIVE ODDS Yes, that’s a strong finish second last week at odds of more than 80-1! Was it a fluke? Not really sure. Finds herself in a good post, where a stalking trip awaits. If the race sets up for a closer, she may kick in again.
3 BETTERTHANBRIE Probably needed her first start back, and it was actually a pretty good one! I would say don’t expect that 16-1 price again, with Dave Miller still aboard. Has post edge on the other “power” in here. One to beat?
4 WHISKERSONKITTENS Not really sure what’s going on with this mare lately, but she is in dire need of a BIG wakeup call. Those are a little hard to predict, but I’d like to see some signs of life first. That will give us a clue.
5 AL-MAR-GOT-A FEVER Newcomer to Club Med shows that intriguing qualifier out at Miami Valley. Got away ninth from the rail and rallied mildly. Guess I’d just like to see one here first. Note she took mark on a big track in Ind.
6 D GS SHADOWSBELL Another fresh face to the group, and for hot connections. Barn won with a horse looking like this last week. Shows okay qualifier towing behind Shamballa. Plenty of experience on a big track. Ready? Trainer: Coming off a decent qualifier at Freehold. First start for me and hopefully, she can pick up a piece of it.
7 ALWAYS PICKY In the midst of a long campaign so far, at 0-13 this year. Didn’t race all that well here, and did the same down at Philly. This does not look like a spot to suddenly get healthy in, so I’m going to take a pass on her.
8 DUCK DUCK DRAGON Managed to win one down at Freehold. Then stepped up and got shuffled. I see that Tetrick was listed, so that’s a sign of positive intent. She’s got enough speed to overcome the post. Still needs a big one.
9 FOX VALLEY BAILEY Mare seems to have hit her better form lately. Remember, she went on a roll here earlier. I like that she’s coming back here and out of claimers. The knock, however, is the post. Has to leave at least a little.
10 ROSY OUTLOOK Draws second straight terrible post, so she looks like a leave-out again.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 FANCY CREEK JOLENE Still in a little bit steep at this level, but she catches a break with the inside post. She’s best as a one-move closer, so totally at mercy of pace and trip tonight. Would need to get very lucky. A longshot.
2 STYLISH BEACHWHERE One more inch of racetrack last week and she would have paid off! It’s been a while since she saw the winner’s circle too! Maybe her better effort, coupled with better post is finally the key? Needs trip.
3 SHEZZA GNP N Absolutely no factor in the series over at Yonkers. She does show one win over there, so it came before the series, probably at a level like this. I can’t promise that the big track will pick her up either. Your call?
4 YOU SHOULD BE HERE Raced well in two straight with tough trips down at Philly. Finds her way back to Club Med in a very interesting spot. Not sure if it’s a class hike, technically, but it sure looks like one. Is she this good?
5 DELIGHTFUL FEATHER Uncorked some superb efforts here last year! And, after getting sick, Team C gave her some time off. That’s always a good thing. Finds a real tough spot for the comebacker, but she was okay in that qualifier.
6 CLEAR IDEA I still remember her win here last month, when I didn’t get the memo! The bettors sure did! Then she got sick too! Had a decent qualifier, and then a tour of the Yonkers oval against better. Is she ready for this? Not sure.
7 KG ROCKS Also on the comeback trail for unfamiliar connection. Have to rate her a longshot vs. these.
8 RECLAMATION Only word to sum up her last win is monstrous! It was THAT good. She gets into this race on the lifetime earnings cap and will work her way up the ladder for now. It’s tougher spot, but she seems up to the task.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 RESPECT OUR FLAG Set a pretty strong pace last week and ended up tiring at the very end. Understandable. The prior explosion from off the pace was memorable, so I do wonder about the strategy tonight. Drew the pole post.
2 STONE HANOVER Certainly outraced his odds with a good debut in the series last week. Sometimes it takes a start or two here before we see best and that could be the case. In good hands, so I expect to see even more tonight.
3 LIVE LIKE A BOSS Probably still not quite 100% primed and ready for this. But, he did pick up a check last week, so there’s plenty of hope for the future. Gelding should continue to improve with more experience.
4 LOUTENANT I suspected that he would need that first start back and it looked that way. He also might not have liked the off track The forecast is for rain, so I don’t think that’s good. But, Yannick did choose over stablemate.
5 DEALER’S TABLE That was a heck of a stretch war between this guy and #7 last week. A real eye-catcher! Now, the post position edge is reversed, with Rollme moving outside. The Dealer will be on the move early. The one to beat.
6 TWIN B WATCHING Even though Yannick didn’t choose this guy last week, Dex blasted him out anyway. Horse did get a little tired near the end, so I’m wondering about change of tactics here. Might have to give one from the back.
7 ROCKME ROLLME Better post, second time Lasix and new driver all added up to $14 in round two! Horse really earned it too! I imagine he could easily take another forward step, but this post might test him out a little.
8 ACTON HANOVER Been a bit erratic so far, but that can happen with young horses. Once he finally hit a gear last week, he came on nicely Tonight’s problem is obviously the post and he would need to get very lucky out here.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-9-6
H Horse Comment
1 PINEBRUSHSEVEN With the breaks, and scratch on view, I think we need to pass and watch one here.
2 HALLINTHECLOUDS Made it to the races last year at two, but lacked enough speed. Turned out to mature and came back with very nice qualifier behind Asiago, who raced well here last week. She looks ready for a big mile now.
3 LAZZARO A big ticket colt from the Goshen sale a while back. Did not make it to races at two. Seems a little slow to get there this year at three, so let’s take the wait-and-see approach. Will need to find some more speed.
4 WAYWARD MAN Have to say that he regressed down at Philly. Maybe he doesn’t like the track there? Some don’t. Was better here on the big track last year. He’s a longshot, but let’s see if he stays trotting tonight.
5 HALLIAMA Guaranteed has been very impressive in the a.m. so far, so I’m not even worried that this guy got passed late in the qualifier. It was steady pace, and decent sprint home. Three preps for this, so let’s see if he’s ready.
6 PEMBROKE MONET Also made it to the race last year as a freshman and flashed some nice speed! Could be any kind coming back at three and shows only one out-of-town qualifier. It was a tad slow, but it was training center. A maybe.
7 SKY IS MINE Barn has two in here and this is the one that’s had a race over the track. That’s normal pattern for Nifty. There could be improvement coming, but she will need a solid pace to rally into. Seems to lack early zip.
8 SOVEREIGN DEO I haven’t been all that impressed with this guy so far. Hey! It happens. Stayed trotting in the second qualifier, so at least that’s a good thing. Have to think this will be a race from behind, like stablemate. I’ll watch one.
9 TRIX ARE FOR KIDS Won a race last year at two and flashed some nice speed. Came back with a pair of qualifier and they were both good! So, I think she’s ready to roll and she’s got speed. Have to expect a blast from bad post.
10 BORDOGNA Received a very nice education last year at two in those Development Fund races. Won six times! Even had a nice effort out at Red Mile. Came back with solid prep down in Florida. I just HATE the post tonight.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 BRAZUCA On the comeback trail here, after getting sick earlier this year. Seems like this barn had a bunch of sickness going through it. Hey! It happens. Had a good finish in first start back, but she’s in awfully tough tonight. Has rail.
2 JEWELS FORREAL Doing real good work up at home base in their Open company. How does that translate down here? Good question. Mare just loves to race, and to win, so full credit for that. But, this is very tough bunch tonight.
3 RAINBOW ROOM Put it all together again with a monster sweep from off the pace a few weeks ago. Yes, that came against a much lesser bunch, but we all know she’s got plenty of back class. Has to step it up another notch now. Trainer: Responded like she was supposed to last time. Some better horses in here. Hope she responds again.
4 GOLD ORCHID N For all intent and purposes, I’m just going to ignore her Yonkers form. I feel she’s much better here on a bigger track. I give her serious chance to put a scare into the favorites, given any kind of smooth trip.
5 SELL A BIT N Here’s the “other” Tritton horse coming out of the Yonkers series where she was no factor. See how Shezza GNP did in the fourth? That might give us a clue on what to expect from this one. Total mystery horses here.
6 NEWSDAY A little disappointing when last seen two weeks ago. She was WAY overbet in that spot and had an impossible trip. In this race, she will not be overbet, so you get a chance at value. Is she good enough? Don’t know.
7 EMPRESS DEO Another out-of-towner in a race full of them. Trying to gauge what they can do here is almost impossible for the handicapper. She has speed, but drew a tough spot here, with fave alongside. Your call, folks?
8 OCEANIA At least we know she’s a proven commodity here. Couldn’t possibly have looked any better in both Club Med wins. Yes, this will be even more of a test, from another bad post, but I can’t go against. She’s just too good.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-5-10
H Horse Comment
1 SHADY MCCOY Shady is back up a little too high in class again, folks. But, he does have the rail, so Eric A will sit him on the pylons and try to shake loose late with some trot. Maybe for a share?
2 DOUBLE L LINDY Was “lucky” and good when he won on the off track two weeks ago. Was not good when he broke over another sloppy track last week. That’s not a good sign for this fella. And yes, it’s supposed to rain again.
3 STONEBRIDGE GAMBLE Looks like a “work in progress” for his new barn. Driver Tyler working on a big milestone (3,000 wins) and he might already have that. The Pocono qualifier looks good. Might like the big track too!
4 RESITA Ended up with a good trip during the torrential downpour last week, but just ran into a well-meant buzzsaw from Team Teague. So, it was another good effort. Recently added Lasix is helping. Have to give another long look.
5 DW’S REVENGE Here’s the mystery horse in here. Off a long layoff, he had a race over the track down at Philly, but it doesn’t look very good on paper. His qualifier here was better than that. Is he primed and ready now? Wish I knew.
6 FOR A DREAMER After a couple of very good qualifier, he looks ready for his 4YO debut. Knows the track. In good hands. Has speed in a field that lacks a touch of that. Don’t be surprised if he goes a long way tonight.
7 LINDY’S BIG BANG Did not race all that well in the one prior try here. Started slow that night and never really picked up the bit. It was odd. It’s also odd that Rick decides to bring him back here off a win. It’s same kind of tough bunch.
8 ARRAKIS I’m going to keep him as a longshot in this very difficult class. Plus, he loses the inside post help. Pass.
9 STARSABOVEALLERAGE Another that tends to perform better against a lower class than this. Not for me tonight.
10 ROCK OF CASHEL And, the key to the race! I was totally against him last week from the bad post and he absolutely crushed! Also showed he could do it on an off track, which we may have again. It’s a bump up, but he’s sharp.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 SHEER TALENT IF she races tonight, she will attempt to come back on very short rest, after a very poor effort at Pocono on Tuesday. Not sure that adds up to success here, but leaving this barn out can be dangerous.
2 BETTOR CHILL OUT Layed over the weaker field two back. Was definitely in too tough last week, and I’m not so sure she’s a threat here. It’s a very mixed bunch, however. Difficult to handicap. At least she drew inside.
3 KIMBERLEE Had one of those qualifiers where she was better than you think. Had plenty of finishing pace, once she caught a gear. This isn’t the toughest spot ever to come back in. Andy Mac back in the sulky seat too!
4 SASSA’S SISTER Homebred has been toiling in a tough class down at Dover. Dover’s closed now, and many decide to go elsewhere, instead of try the half at Harrington. Have to think this is perfect spot for her try on mile track.
5 AMETHYST SEELSTER Wasn’t able to win in the lower class and is now forced up the ladder. Not going to work.
6 MODESTY I guess she’s got a chance in here too! She’s faced Reclamation and other good ones in first few tries here. I think she’s better than she shows. This is ideal spot for some sort of wakeup call.
7 PARKIN IN HEAVEN Also coming out of that Reclamation race, which is key. This mare has won here before, so keep that in mind. She’s best as a closer, so at mercy of both pace and trip. Might have to get a little lucky here.
8 FAMILY ROLL CALL Gets let into the race by $10. (NW6,100) She’s also dropping a notch, out of race chasing Praline. Hasn’t hit the board yet for new barn, but that could easily change tonight. She’s going to need speed in this post.
9 SHESJUSTADELIGHT N Had zero chance going first over into that front-running winner in the slop. Tonight’s problem is the post. I don’t know if she can blast, but I don’t envision her sweeping the whole pack. Do you?
10 TRAFFIC JAM Paid some instant dividends for her new barn last week. But, let’s be honest and remind you that was a MUCH weaker spot, and her trip was perfect. Not likely to get that lucky from way out here.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 PRINCE OF TIDES Showed up a little late for leg two of the series, but delivered a crisp rally that caught my eye. That was perfect acclimating mile and he draws rail again. Will be more forwardly placed here. Hard to leave out now.
2 WARRAWEE UNIQUE Yes, he raced a little bit better last week, picking up some pieces late. Drew similar post, so looking for same conservative effort. He will get better with more experience.
3 ROLLWITHPAPAJOE Simply put, that was a big mile in round two! A real cruncher and with a tough trip too! Pretty much the exact opposite of what he did in round one. So, I have no idea which Joe will show up tonight. Your call?
4 SUGARTOWN Very quietly turned in two good efforts in the series. Both from tougher posts. Figures to be ignored by the bettors again and that could be a mistake. I like what I’ve seen from him so far. Offers value tonight.
5 MARK WITHA K Kind of got run over last week. So, that makes two straight speed tries. One good. One, not so good. Could easily take a change of pace here, or gun, hoping for the seat behind #6? Needs very best either way.
6 BLACKLIGHT Showed up sharp and ready for his sophomore debut two weeks ago. Barn elected to give him last week off, instead of entering this series. So, that’s a little odd. That was pretty good field he beat. This is good field too!
7 BRING THE THUNDER Rapidly rounding into shape now for the Dangerous Duo! He’ll be coming from the back again, so totally at mercy of both pace and trip. Not sure about how far back he’ll be tonight. Maybe too far?
8 COSTELLO Made no impact in either preliminary leg. Or, maybe he just hated the sloppy track? A longshot again.
9 WORLD ON EDGE Couldn’t possibly have been any better in round one. Looked a little flat here last week in round two. Gets an even tougher post tonight, so what should we expect? I really don’t know. Your call, folks. Adds Lasix!
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 LANDONFITZ Between bad trips and tough posts, Landon hasn’t been very lucky lately. It happens! Draws well tonight, in a crazy race of class droppers. He’s got as good a chance as any. Might offer good price too!
2 EXPLOSIVE RIDGE Good luck trying to guess what you’ll get from this guy. Could be blast out speed. Could be nice rally from just off the pace. Obviously, the talent is there and I would have a tough time leaving out. Vinny must drv #4.
3 KASCARA ROSA Here’s another with total mystery form right now. Yes, I can see the bad posts. I will remind you that she did win here earlier. The price could easily be big tonight too! Might be worth including on the ticket.
4 DARK POOL Pretty consistent right now, that’s for sure. But, those miles came against lesser and now, he’s in a race full of class droppers. That usually doesn’t work. It also cost Vinny the drive on #2 for tonight. He owns this one.
5 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Used very hard in the slop last week and ended up getting run over by The Rock. No disgrace there. This looks like the perfect spot to regain his winning stride, but don’t expect much of a price.
6 DON DREAM Didn’t end his season all that well, but he’s a pretty good trotter in his own right. Worked his way high up the class ladder. Back now at age five. Off a pretty good qualifier. He’s the “sleeper” in here, if Joe has him ready.
7 TECH TITAN Makes first start for new barn off the claim. Got an extra week off and finds himself in a very tough spot. They’ve got work cut out for them keeping this gelding to his task.
8 SWANCREDIT Was technically in better claiming races than #7, but his form has turned south. Hard to like vs. these.
9 UHLAN NOIR Couple months off for this inconsistent performer. Just towed along in qualifier. Will need this.
10 TORKIL This guy can fly, but it sometimes takes a long time to get rolling. He loses the Double D here, in addition to getting worst post. Without mayhem, he may be too far back to do any damage.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 SORTIE You just never know what you’re going to get from this guy. But, I will say his qualifiers were pretty good. If you think he’s primed and ready to go, the pole post will help. Can he get a nice trip and stay with the faves?
2 WINNING SHADOW Super talented trotter here, but he’ll find the transition to these upper ranks a bit steep at age four. Don’t know what happened over at Yonkers last week, but that’s not a good-looking. Wasn’t Yannick’s choice.
3 SUTTON Trading weeks on and off with Trolley. Now they hook up again and Andy’s got the slight post edge. HE “stole” one from Trolley on March 8. That might be the strategy again here. Trolley coming off an odd loss.
4 TOP FLIGHT ANGEL Second team player for Team Orange Crush here, and a very talented horse in his own right. Offered a very strong late kick in his one and only qualifier back. I just have a feeling he might need this one.
5 TROLLEY What on earth happened over at Pocono? He got run over by #2 late and didn’t have a whole lot of fight. The exact opposite of what we’ve seen here. Quickly back to Club Med, but stuck with outer post. What will MM do?
6 PINKMAN Yannick had a choice and ended up taking the Hambo champ over #2. Is that telling us something? He raced great chasing an uncatchable #3 two weeks ago. Gets same tough post, but figures to be leaving. Interesting.
7 ALL CHAMPY He’s awfully good right now and definitely deserves a chance here on the big track, but could you possibly chalk up a more difficult spot or post? No. He’s got something to prove here and must overcome a lot.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 MAGIC N SPICE Finds his way back over from Yonkers where he had a few “issues.” Keep in mind he beat a field like this right off the bench. I like the rail to keep him within range. Big chance here, and probably a square price.
2 BELL A CHICK Teased us again with another one of those crisp rallies from an impossible spot. Then he scratched. Then he missed another week. I’m not hopping aboard his boat any time soon. Demand fair value if you like.
3 JUSTCALLMERONALD Another inconsistent performer that’s hard to get a gauge on. Not quite my type.
4 CINNABAR HALL Has yet to hit the board in 11 starts so far this year, so that’s bad. The breaks, and pull-up no finish are bad too! Will the switch back to a big track help? I think yes! It’s time to get a stalking trip and kick in late.
5 TOO MUCH HANOVER For a long time last week, it looked like he was home free. Did hit a wall late, but I can forgive that. It was solid tightener and I think he’ll be even better tonight. Hoping for similar decent price.
6 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Loomed for a second when he launched that wide move, but ended up flattening out. Moves out a few slots to make the task even tougher. Would need a dream trip and even more kick to snap the skid.
7 KLYDE DA GLIDE Transitioning back to this lower class where he did pick up a check two back. Same situation here, hoping for same kind of rally and result. I’m still not sold on Klyde just yet.
8 PRINCE OF MINTO Changed up the strategy last week and did have a fair kick. He was forced to move wide, while the winner saved every inch of ground. Tonight’s problem is the post! Will the Double D send him? Wish I knew.
9 AVENTURE Likely to be favored again, even from this post. Didn’t really have any excuses in his last two, so be careful about take the low price again. He just hasn’t been good enough. That’s not my type of play.
10 TT CONWAY Moves from pole to post 10 and that usually seals one’s fate. Looking like a big longshot again.