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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Thursday, December 12, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 SURF THE WEB Got a month off, after a pretty good try over at Pocono. Came back here with an excellent qualifier. It’s never easy to beat older horses, but this field is begging to be conquered. Looks like the one to catch to me.
2 CAVIART SAGE Barn’s other starter also had a very good qualifier. Seems to be an off-the-pace type, but gets a prime post to just sit in and follow his stablemate. Will he have the bigger kick home? That is the question.
3 ODE TO GRAY Qualified last Saturday and it might have been the best he’s ever gone! It’s taken a while to get him back to the races, but maybe the wait will be worth it? Andy opted here over #6, and that’s a BIG call. Have to like.
4 SMART TALKER I guess that’s a nice comeback performance up at Monti after being impeded. He’s had a lot of start, but not too many wins. I don’t see him beating these on the mile track, but maybe pick up a share? Maybe.
5 THUNDER DOME Looked like he was doing awfully well in Illinois. Went on the shelf briefly and showed back up with a lackluster qualifier. Same thing here! He didn’t pack much punch in qualifier here. I need to see more.
6 SUNFIREWINDRAIN I expected a little bit more out of him upon arrival, but maybe he needed that race? The bigger knock is Andy bailing out. That’s a big call too! So, Pat B gets the assignment, still seeking win #4,000?
7 AWAKEN THE SHADOW Trained listed Dexter, but he’s not here tonight, so he will drive. So far, the Maine and Mass. shippers haven’t done all that well. Let’s see if the Shadow can turn that around. Drew tough post.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-7-2
H Horse Comment
1 AMOS HART Still very much a work in progress for barn. The 2YO against older. That debut here wasn’t all that impressive. Let’s see if we get any improvement tonight.
2 NICOLE MATTERS Barn has a pair in here, and this is a 5YO! Actually picked up a check in that last spot over her head. This is about where she belongs, but I do wonder if she’s fast enough? Has to prove it to me first.
3 LA DOLFINA One of two for Team Landy. He’s missed some time, but finds a very soft spot here. IF Harry has him ready, he can win this. I’ll add that he listed Yannick too! That is a sign of positive intent. I hope he’s ready.
4 SWAN MOTION Enjoyed a nice trip down at Philly and powered home for the win. That was a non-winners of three, so technically, this is a drop, right? Seems a little more consistent than most of these. She is the one to beat!
5 BIG SMOOVE Hasn’t quite figured out this racing thing yet. I will take a pass again, until he stays trotting.
6 FEEL THE MUSCLE Barn’s other starter doesn’t have any early speed, so an outer post is a problem. The breaking problems stick out too! I guess I’d just like to watch one here, to see if he belongs.
7 YO’LARRY Announcer Larry Lederman can call his own name here! And he might be calling it early, if Hunter can coax a little speed out of the gelding. He’s definitely a bit here, provided he wants to trot tonight. Your call, folks?
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 9-1-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 KAMWOOD LAUGHTER N This mare packs a real good turn of speed, so keep that in mind! With most of the power on the outside, could make for a very interesting sprint into the first turn. Has a chance to get some money tonight.
2 BINDSAY I guess we have to call that last try an improvement! She picked up a check at more than 100-1. I’m not saying she can win this, but maybe that trend will continue? We’ll find out.
3 MAJOR MAID Got bet off the board last week and did not deliver her finest performance. I’m starting to wonder if she’s tailing off a bit? If you do think the Maid will bounce back tonight, at least you will get better odds.
4 ASHLEE SPARKLES I think we can give her a pass for the first try here, in that outside post. This spot should be a touch better, but she will also need to find a bigger kick. That’s up to Vinny G to get her to go. Tough call.
5 ROSY OUTLOOK Been very inconsistent lately, so that’s a problem for me. But, yes, she did pass several of them late last week. I think they’re trying to teach her to rally. The speed tries weren’t so good. Drew ideal post to get a trip.
6 MILADY DENVER A She’s good right now! It’s all about pace and trip for her too! Loses Eric A, because he has to drive his own. Anxious to see what Andy will do. Fired out of the gate last week. Might try that again.
7 HALF A VIRGIN That wasn’t a bad try last week, but I do think she was in the weaker division. The trip was ideal too! That might not happen from this tougher post against the stronger field. I’m going against for tonight.
8 SUMMER ROCK Have to give credit where due! That was just a strong drive from Mr. Oakes on this lass. He stole that race! Draws another tough post, and I don’t see him “swiping” this one. Not with #9 in here. Should be firing out.
9 JB’S SHOOTING STAR Paid $2.80 with a dominating effort last week. And she doesn’t even like racing on the lead. There could be plenty of early action to set her up for a rally this time. She’s loaded with speed. Hard to go against.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 CYCLONE ARTIST Barn has a few invading Club Med tonight. L Alex put himself down to drive this 10YO. As previously stated, SO FAR, the shippers from up north have not done well enough. Have to wait for more.
2 SOMESURFSOMEWHERE Retains longshot status, hoping to just stay close to these from inside post.
3 SHOW ME UP Could he possibly wake back up in this spot? A big maybe. Didn’t lift a hoof in that first start back here. I’d be hard pressed to recommend him yet. But, there was a time when he could crush these.
4 CADILLAC PHIL Looks like the horse to beat tonight, after that acclimating mile for the new barn. That trip was tough. He’ll benefit from that experience. And, Andy Mac takes the call, and opted off #6. That’s enough for me.
5 R M BLACKHAWK Battled bitterly attacking the pace last week and paid the price for it late. But, that effort did show me that’s slowly getting back into better form. I wouldn’t be shocked if he jumped up with a good one tonight.
6 SUNSET OVER MIAMI Yannick picks up the substitute call on this invader. Barn has won here before, so I’ll give a little more respect to this gelding. They wouldn’t come, unless they thought Sunset had chance. At what price?
7 CAMWISER Final few races coming up for this war horse! Mandatory retirement after Dec. 31. He got real good here several months ago, and that last effort could be considered a nice, speed tightener. Can he do it one more time?
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 SEW PSYCHED One of many claims for this barn coming back this week. The trip was pretty tough last, so I’ll give a pass for that. Won’t take a whole lot of improvement to get the measure of this bunch. Have to hop on board! Trainer: Parked much of the mile last week with no pace. Changed few things. Need to watch one, before I endorse.
2 PRINCESS HOLLY N She’s still NOT finishing her miles well enough. Will hit the pylons early and then just try to keep up. Maybe for a check?
3 ALWAYS PICKY Barn’s other starter has a little more consistent form, but which one is better? That IS the question. Up the Turnpike from Freehold off her best effort yet. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket vs. these.
4 BIGWALLS Firing back on short rest here, which I’m never a fan of. Was a flat, tiring fifth at Scarborough on Sunday. Can’t really expect too much moving to the mile.
5 RACING FOR RICK Definitely a chance here! But, tackling two Surick-trained horses won’t be easy, and they have the post edge. Gets new driver, with Greg Merton not here tonight. Mare is going to need some speed!
6 FUTURE DELIGHT Eric A hopped aboard last time and took a shot with the gate send. It worked too! Hit the board for first time in while. Eric will be peering over to see if he blasts again. He just might. Mare must go further, though.
7 LULU DE VIE Lulu has been here before. So has the barn! They’re taking a shot with a few tonight and I get it. The mare will have to find a little more punch, however. And, this post isn’t going to help the cause.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 CC BIG BOY SAM Hasn’t paid off on that claim just yet, but this is the perfect spot to show up and do a little better. No, I do not know what happened last time, but I expect him to return to some kind of form tonight. Maybe enough?
2 JUST N BERLANDER Looks like Eric A might be giving up on this fella for now. Back in for the low claiming tag, and somebody will probably take him. Horse has tailed off over past month or so. Maybe he’ll gear it up one more time.
3 TARAMAKAUREACTOR N Several handicappers told me they liked him, first time for the tag last week. Nope! Horse just isn’t good right now and seems like an impossible play until we see more.
4 REDNECK FORTUNE Catches a real “suspect” bunch on the ship up the NJ Turnpike. His form isn’t all that great either. BUT, somebody has to win this race and more than likely, it’s this barn. Hard to leave out in field like this.
5 LETTUCEROCKU A There once was a time when he would have destroyed a field like this. Seems like a long time ago. 12YO veteran makes his 293rd start tonight. Yannick gets the call. Can he keep the gelding alive late?
6 RIVER RUNS DEEP Have to give this fella another chance. Got absolutely tortured in his debut here, trying to chase down Preppy Art. That wasn’t going to happen. Nice confidence builder before that. Note switch to Dave Miller here.
7 ROCCO I guess if there’s one thing I can guarantee in this race, it’s that Rocco will be last early! Yes, I can see he swept a field up north, but it’s a brand new ballgame here. If he repeats, I lose. Simple as that.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-1-9
H Horse Comment
1 FOREVERANALWAYS Benefited from that perfect trip and setup last week, but he won with something left, so that caught my eye. Gets the major post edge on Preppy, so that can help too! Which one will be the favorite? Don’t know.
2 HAWAII AND SUN Yannick takes over tonight and he and family are headed to Hawaii in a few weeks. Makes this one a “hunch play!” Gelding wasn’t bad here upon arrival. That showed promise. Has speed, but looks versatile.
3 WALKS OF LIFE No, he won’t win this race, but you’d better use him underneath on any gimmick ticket. Got run over by #1 last week and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Maybe needs a stalking trip now? Sit behind Preppy?
4 BIG CC’S ROCK Did ALL the dirty work, setting things up for #1, but it was still a very good effort! He’s rounded back into better form. He goes for new barn off the claim. Looms a possible upsetter, if the trip is right. Take a shot! Trainer: Been racing consistently well. Found a few problems we fixed. Big effort wouldn’t shock me.
5 LUCK N ROLL K Did a fairly good job of keeping up behind runaway Preppy. I see a different pace scenario in here for the $15,000 purse. Luck could benefit from that. Don’t be shocked if he comes charging late.
6 MISTER ACCUMULATOR Squandered a good trip here last week. Maybe not a mile track horse? Longshot again.
7 VILLAGE JACKSON Looks like they got it all last week! Irish Joe (Long sleeves on) put the Village in good spot and gelding responded nicely to report home at 29-1. As I always say, if you didn’t have last week, don’t try now low odds.
8 DAVIDS COMING HOME Outfinished some of the tired ones in the chase behind #9. Drew much tougher post now.
9 PREPPY ART Preppy going for seven in a row! Pat and Traci Berry won the 15-way shake last week. Eventually, this fella is going to run out of steam and he will be tested from another outside post. I’m taking shot against.
10 SIR RICHIE N Richie looks like a victim of the post draw tonight. I don’t see how he reaches from out here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-9-8
H Horse Comment
1 BROADWAY PROMISE Wasn’t making up much ground behind Hubby last week, but at least he gets a better post. Dave still aboard, his choice over #5. A bit surprising, but he drives more for Silva than Surick. Needs a trip.
2 LIFE WELL LIVED No match for Hubby last week either, despite perfect trip. Yannick chose Volo, but that was expected. Will need to get just as lucky in the trip department to pick up a check tonight.
3 BLUE AND BOLD I liked this guy last week and he did race well. A hair outmuscled by Volo in final yards, but that’s okay. There could be lots of action in here, and that might benefit this one. Have to take another shot and use.
4 THE CUSE IS LOOSE Clearly coming out of the weakest division of this last week. Still a longshot to me.
5 KABU Boy, did he get tortured on the lead last week. Battled a LONG way, so understandably tired. Haltered by top claiming barn and gets a new driver. Might change up the tactics too! Decent longshot chance, either way. Trainer: Consistent of late. Horse at his throat every step of last mile. Easier trip needed, but prefer my other one (#8)
6 HALLANET Still looking like a longshot to me. Passed only some tired ones upon return. Not my type.
7 STORMONT MANPOWER Had no punch in his first chance here. Will have to find a LOT more than that tonight.
8 HOUSE HUBBY Paid a ridiculously high price last week, coasting all the way around. That start came from the rail, so this will be bigger test. Obviously, the price won’t nearly be as big. I don’t see him just “stealing” this one. Your call? Trainer: Put up the effort I expected last week and couldn’t believe the price. Odds are gone, but horse to beat for sure.
9 MAX VOLO I will admit, I didn’t like Max last week, but Yannick put an absolutely perfect trip on him, and he was clearly digging in a little more than #3. A big confidence builder! But, tonight’s post is even tougher. No cinch!
10 NOBLE WARRAWEE Owns little early speed. Has post 10. Also coming out of the weaker race. Not for me.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 CRACKLIN ROSIE One of the several possibilities, in this hard-to-handicap race. Rosie was much better last time, which is key. She seems ready to come around for very hot barn. Maybe they have her figured out now. Maybe.
2 THREEDEE DELIGHT A Nothing in her recent form suggests a big turnaround. That’s what she needs.
3 DUCK DUCK DRAGON She can win this too! A bit inconsistent down at the Hold, but Harry listed Yannick, so that’s big sign of positive intent. Plus, she does own a win here this year. That’s big edge on most of these.
4 JOHN’S ONE DESIRE In a field like this, even this mare has a decent chance. Nice, midpack post. Stalking potential. Has shown a big move at times and will be a price. Can hit the ticket in her 45th start of year. That’s stamina!
5 TRAFFIC JAM Waiting on the big wakeup call here and it hasn’t come yet. Even with added Lasix. I would have a tough time recommending a play on her, UNTIL we see more.
6 WOODMERE OLEKSIAK Clearly the “wild card” in here. Just a 3YO. Tackling older. Rounded into form nicely down the Turnpike and finds another soft spot for big track try. Is she a big track horse? We’re going to find out.
7 VINTAGE BABE As previously stated, the Babe just isn’t finishing her miles well enough. I would be very surprised if she turned that around and somehow found a late kick to win this. Not for me right now.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN TORO After that “acclimating” mile to get used to the track, we might see more from Toro in here. The post relief alone will help. First time Dave Miller will help. In race like this, you just have to guess who will be good.
2 DAYLYN HORIZON Was somehow sent off at even money last week and even Yannick couldn’t do anything about that! Since he was claimed, the price figures to be short once again. I don’t want low odds in a race like this. Trainer: Been in the same barn for some time. Don’t look big on trying, but we’ve added our program and it wouldn’t shock me to see him jump up.
3 STIMULUS PLAN Jumps up with a nice kick every now and then. IF the faves battle a little, that brings the Plan into play. He’s not totally out of this. Stevie back in bike and he gets along with horse well. Outside chance at price.
4 SHARKNADO I’m not really sold on this guy on mile track yet. Yes, he passed a few at end of mile upon arrival, but he was very sluggish early. That just doesn’t work here too often. Yannick on. The lowers his odds tonight.
5 AMERIMAN Same boat as #4. Passed some of the tired ones in first go over the strip. Will he be any better tonight? Will have to be, even with a switch to Andy Mac. Demand fair value, IF you fancy his chances.
6 SPONDULICKS N Hasn’t been any good since that claim. I would need to see major wakeup call, before I could possibly endorse again.
7 ROYAL COURTIER As of Monday morning, Pat Berry still needed two to reach the 4,000 win plateau. If he hasn’t gotten it yet, could he possibly get this fella to go forward? Barn won at big price with David’s Dream here last week
8 SWEET COLT OF MINE Suffering a case of the bad post blues right now. It continues. He’s a pass again.