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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, April 17, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 ACTING OUT Was out in the flow last week, but clearly outkicked home by a few of these. The move inside should help, but I would not suggest taking that short price if it happens. Will try to turn the tables on #8. Maybe.
2 MCNULTY Z TAM Has picked up a couple of checks for his new barn, but I still don’t think he’s sharp. I’ll pass.
3 BATTLE STRONG Been using his speed lately, but it’s just not working out. Overdue for a bit better luck and this could be a nice spot for him. There are several closers in here, so sometimes I will try the speed. Works once in while.
4 JUSTIN CREDIBLE He just can’t find a way to win one here, so he remains a longshot. Would need big turnaround.
5 MY ALPHA ROCK N That scratch really worries me, folks! This is a new barn in play, so that confuses me too! Obviously, his best effort is good enough, but we didn’t get that on April 3. Not sure what to expect tonight.
6 INDEPENDENT ONE Bouncing up and down the price ladder lately. That was a pretty nasty beat if you had him last week. Almost stole away enough, but got nailed by the Bank. Moves out a few slots now, which makes it tougher.
7 DULL ROAR He’s been roaring loud and clear of late! Very sharp right now, and will try to make it three straight for the Wyatt barn. It can certainly happen. Being in for $17K avoids the outside post. That’s a big plus all around.
8 BANK SEA Have to give credit where due! Barn freshened him up a bit, and boy was he ready for the comebacker! A stirling rally for Dave Miller. The price goes up a bit here, and that comes with bad post. How far back will he be?
9 CRUZING HILL Gets “assigned” the outside post because he’s in for the $20K tag. Moves into a new barn here, so I guess he was sold? This pricetag might be a tad too high, but I guess we’re going to find out soon enough.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 NOTHING BUT MUSCLE Did not have an easy trip in his Big M debut and ran into a buzzsaw too! So, let’s not be too hard on him. The move to inner post will help. Plots for a better journey. Maybe not as good as #4, but he’ll try.
2 ZLATAN Finally gets a little break from the post gods and it has to help. I feel he’s going to need a race or two before we see his best. He might need a class drop too! I’m willing to wait.
3 INNISFALLEN Barn’s got two in here and neither one seems sharp enough to win this race. Has tailed off. Pass.
4 STEUBEN HANOVER Invades from Canada for the Hambo winning connections. Looks like he roared home in that comebacker. Should be even better tonight, provided he shipped okay. Will be very hard to go against vs. these.
5 RESITA The Cullipher Crew have a pair in here. I think the other one has a better chance. This guy needs a touch of class relief too, before we get the wakeup call. I will pass for now.
6 IT AINT THE WHISKY Did race a little better last week for his new barn. Had a touch of speed to use and kept up after that. This is good spot for that speed, since there are some dedicated closers in here. Should be firing out.
7 CHIPLOSIVE The Chip tends to wake up on drops like this. I’m not sure he’ll be as strong as #4, but I wouldn’t talk you off him either. Needs to invent a little speed, but he’s got it. Scotty Z will put him in play. Hard to leave out.
8 BEYOND ORDINARY No, I have no idea what happened last time, but it wasn’t good. Moves back to an outside post and I really don’t know what to expect. IF he feels good, Corey will probably take a shot. Good luck guessing.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 GRAND GALOP SEMALU All the way up from Florida for this one. He’s missed a few weeks. Should need this.
2 FOREVERNALWAYS He’s had two chances at this higher level lately and neither one of them was good. Still a longshot in my opinion, and we may have to wait for a class drop for him again.
3 POKERFACE BLUECHIP Seems to have rounded back into good form, so can’t argue with that. But, he does get forced up the class ladder tonight, so that’s the real test. Does get to keep Dexter in the seat, so that’s a plus.
4 LIKE CLOCKWORK Wasn’t nearly as effective when he got bumped up to this level. Chased the top few and wasn’t gaining any ground late. I’m sure he’ll fire out again, but he’d better find a lot more to visit winner’s circle again.
5 BIG STRETCH MARK Stretch is another that can be part of the early pace battle. He likes to mix it up at the beginning and then try to follow. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. This level seems a little high for him.
6 STONE HANOVER Just take that last race and forget about it. The bad post just ruined him. This is classic spot for the drop and pop and I wouldn’t bet against him tonight. He’s a better horse than most of these. Hop on board!
7 QUALITY BUD The Cano barn having some solid success with the Bud so far! Tripped out last week and got up, given a nice steer by Mark Mac. He will “attempt” to do the same here, but he’s running into superior foes. Will chase.
8 CLEVER CHARACTER This is the “wild card” in here, because I just don’t know what to expect. The drop is big. The layoff was typical for this barn. He does lose the post help, but I’m sure Tim can make some speed. Tests #6? Not sure.
9 UNLOADED N This does not look like a great spot for the headcase of a horse. Stuck outside main contenders. He’s probably about due to throw himself again. I will wait for better situation.
10 DUDDIE’S LOR Austin put a good steer on Duddie last week and they almost upset the applecart! But, tonight they are not “rewarded” with this post. I don’t see him blasting, so he may have too far to come.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 CHIN CHIN HALL Nice to see Chin Chin back in action! He’s now a 5YO, and still looking to get back on track with some of the top trotters. This is a good starting point. Will need a little more than he offered in the qualifier.
2 WINNING LYRIC Also off the short layoff here and he didn’t look ready in those qualifiers. I will pass for now.
3 MISS MCKEE She’s been racing her eyeballs out, but in some very tough spots. This looks like another. At least she gets a good post to start from. Andy knows her now and will try to put her in a good spot. A nice trip would help.
4 OMAHA OMAHA Outraced his odds last time, in a race won by a blowout winner. Love the way Mark Mac sent him out of there. But we lose Mac to #9. Georgie knows how to leave! Can he keep close enough to the faves? We’ll see.
5 SKYWAY KON MAN Barn’s got two in here and the other one has a much better chance. “Nuff said for now.
6 REIGN OF HONOR Broke for no apparent reason last week, so that makes him a pretty risky play tonight, when the price will be short again. I guess I’ll take a good, long look at him scoring down. Tim did stick with him over #7.
7 DOUBLE ACCOUNT Suffered a tough beat at this level two back when nailed late. He didn’t really belong in the Preferred, so just forget about that. They listed Tetrick again, but didn’t get him. Would love to see the speed again.
8 QUIKSILVR BLUECHIP Vic Kirby brings one up from Delaware home base! Looks like a nice, honest trotter that earns for himself and partners. This will be a real acid test for the horse, and they didn’t get any love from the post gods. Trainer: He’s been pretty consistent. Hopefully, he fits in with the bright lights and big city!
9 HL REVADON Finds himself in a pretty tough spot tonight. I hate the outside post for him, and this is a solid bunch for the level. We might have to be patient and wait for better situation.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 9-8-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 BAKLOUVA Only made a couple of starts as a 2YO, but that last one was pretty good! Comes back tonight in an impossible spot and I didn’t see enough from him in the qualifier. Let’s watch one to see where he’s at.
2 MIKIMOTO Not sure what the story is here. Hopefully, Nancy will tell us. Makes debut off a set of three qualifiers spread over several months. To me, that’s not a good thing. Last one wasn’t bad, but he did get run over by #9.
3 TAPPED TEEN Also kind of just “went around there” in his comeback qualifier. He’s not ready for this yet.
4 FULSOME The “other” Burke entrant has had a couple of starts, and they both were pretty good. Doesn’t get to escape Lou, and he’ll meet a few other strong foes. Yannick did opt to stick with #1. Mixed signals here.
5 SOUTH BEACH STAR A bunch of them are coming out of the Lou race from two weeks ago. This guy finished up nicely, and he figured to need that race. Another one that could have more in the tank, trying to get the jump.
6 SOMEWHEREINVERONA Both he, and #7 finished up that qualifier in fine fashion! A grey son of the Beach had good stakes experience at two and looks ready to go. Dave drove in the qua and chose him over #7. Interesting. Trainer: Nice colt. Had soundness issues with a muscle strain over his right hip last year. That hampered his 2YO season. Qualifier was good and we’ll look for a trip that will benefit him.
7 STONEBRIDGE REEF Most of the time, it’s dangerous to ignore the Ryder barn off a layoff. He opted to put two qualifiers into this fella and he was good both times. Did not get Dave Miller, though. So, Dex comes off #9, on #7.
8 WHOLE LOTTA LOU He’s been awesome so far! Earned himself a week off after the steamroll second win. Proved he could leave the gate a little, so the post doesn’t worry me. He is meeting a better bunch tonight. Must prove it again. Trainer: I couldn’t be happier with his first two starts! Tonight is a really nice bunch of horses, so hoping Andy can work out a nice trip from the outside draw.
9 I’LL DRINK TO THAT The last one to consider in this puzzle of a race. Couldn’t possibly have looked any better in the qualifier, and Dexter was listed to drive tonight. That’s a big sign of positive intent, even from the bad post.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 MORAIRTIME She did a nice job of “keeping up” last week, in first start back on big track. Gets the rail again, so the plan will be the same. Protect the inside and then try to keep up, or launch a move. No easy task against these.
2 BUCK DANCER Found his way back to NJ from Canada and broke. I don’t like to see that. Will just have to bounce back stronger, and with no mistakes. This is a very good field he’s facing. Demand fair price if you fancy.
3 LOVEDBYTHEMASSES It took a while, but we’re finally seeing what kind of talent this trotter has! That was SOME brush and crush to dominate last week and he looks like he’s ready for this kind of test. It’s a BIG step up, though.
4 IT’S ACADEMIC He’s been an earning machine for a couple of years now. With Canada still in shutdown mode, owner Grant opts to send him south and back into the Burke Brigade. Looking for a little revenge on Buck too!
5 JL CRUZE The Cruze has now missed a few weeks, after the scratch. Yes, that worries me. But, he is a true veteran and can probably handle it. We know he loves the track here. And, he’ll seek a little revenge on Rob for Dover loss.
6 LINDY THE GREAT Poor Lindy showed signs of brilliance last year, but didn’t have a whole lot of luck. That was a pretty strong, throwdown qualifier with Back of the Neck and both horses were great. He looks ready. Will he blast?
7 SCIROCCO ROB How about that launch out of the pocket last week! That’s the trip he loves. Gets “assigned” the outside post tonight and that could cause a problem. I see some other speeds. Just how will Timmy race him tonight?
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-1-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 ITALIAN DELIGHT N Sports a pair of thirds in last two tries at this level. His speed has been strong too! Plots for another up-close trip and we’ll see if he can kick in late. I don’t know if he’s as good as #9, but we’ll find out.
2 THATSWHATISAID N Finally gets a little break from the post gods. Post and class relief are always two dangerous angles, so I wouldn’t talk you off a bet. Like #1, I don’t know if he can beat Harambe, but YG will give every chance.
3 STONEDUST I do believe the Dust has risen too high in class. He’ll need to work some money off his card.
4 HEZA REAL DIAMOND I still cannot believe he beat Covered Bridge last week! But, he did, and did it in style. Joe B has put some real nice trips on this fella lately and he will try to go it again. IF he tracks Deo, will he roar right by?
5 INCREDIBLE SHARK The Dust and The Shark from the Cullipher Crew seem a bit overmatched at this level, but I’ve seen stranger things before. The Shark has plenty of back class to draw upon. Just get a fair price if you fancy vs. these.
6 DA DELIGHTFUL Second start back off the layoff, and he did get a check in the comebacker. Not quite ready yet.
7 DECISION DAY Finally had a few things go his way last week. That was the right spot to drop and pop. We didn’t get rich, however. This spot will be significantly more difficult. I guess I’d be surprised if he repeated. Post won’t help.
8 HUNDIE N Made no impact upon return. I can’t hop on board yet, even with the slight drop. I’ll just pass for now.
9 HARAMBE DEO When will the “real” Harambe Deo step back up? Wish I had the answer to that one! Maybe he didn’t want to race on the lead? We all know he’s excellent with that steamroll move too! Should be very interesting tactics.
10 MCMIKE Not a lot going right for this Mike right now. Post 10 ruins his chances, even on the drop.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 ROSE RUN VANTAGE She’s come back pretty good off the layoff for the Cullipher Crew. But, tonight, the class jump looks a little steep. Scotty Z opted to #4, so she gets another new driver. Will fire out and then try to follow.
2 WINGDING HANOVER Both Cullipher mares are forced up the ladder here, but at least they get to start from the inside. That will help. This lass got a long overdue win via the crafty Tetrick steer. Will have to get lucky again.
3 GIA’S SURREAL Down from Canada and into the new barn. I think I want to watch one first. Pass for now.
4 STELLENBOSCH She hasn’t had a whole lot of luck lately. Zipped along at her clip last week and got clipped by a longshot late. Facing an even better bunch now, so I do wonder what Scotty Z will have in store. She’s got that speed.
5 MARLOE HANOVER That was a pretty tough beat if you had her last time. Nailed by Ava, but with a good stretch fight from both. Their rivalry gets renewed, but against a new shooter in #7. This could end up being a great race.
6 APRIL AVA After winning from the pocket two back, Yannick ended up putting her on the front last time. Couldn’t hold off the closers. Drew the same midpack post tonight, so I also wonder what the plan will be? She wants follow.
7 BEYOND WORDS N She’s five, and only raced nine times. This is how owner acquired Shartin, so hoping for lightning to strike twice. I know what I saw in the qualifier. She was pretty good, and flying late. Dexter didn’t even start her up.
8 DIAMONDTEQUILASHOT Suffering a case of the bad post blues right now! One of many closers in here. Tuf spot.
9 BETALADY Gets a new pilot tonight, but from a very bad post again. Her last really wasn’t that great, so I’m on the fence here. Where’s that mare we saw flying home back in February? Will need better trip, and more kick.
10 SWEET LUCY LOU Speaking of closers, we’ve got a bunch of them in here. They haven’t made any attempt to try and leave the gate, so how slow might the pace up front be? If it’s too slow, it’s hard to win from last. Your call, folks?
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN THE ACES Finally had a couple of things go his way last week. Well-rated and a dig-in win to snap that skid. Gets lucky to land the same post and keeps Yannick in the seat, but this is a MUCH tougher field. Will have to earn it.
2 ALWAYS AND AGAIN After a real good run of strong efforts, he was a little flat last week. Hey, you can’t be giant every time! Will get a chance to bounce back here, but I now have to consider him a medium longshot. Tough call.
3 CAPTAIN VIDEO Invades from the North and back to Club Med! Moves into the Kevin Mac barn and that should be a fine fit! Gets Tetrick to go along and I imagine he’ll be fine and ready. Will give the Bongiorno pair a real tussle. Trainer: Just came in from Canada and that seems like a very tough bunch.
4 SOMBODYITREASURE No, I don’t know why he broke last time. Appeared ready to tip out and explode. We’ll never know. In this particular event, after a week off, I actually prefer his stablemate. I think he’s better horse. But, Joe B here.
5 SPLASH BROTHER He was SO good last year on the New York Sires Stakes circuit. Ray even took him all the way out to Indiana, but that did not work out. Freshened up. Strong qualifier at Pocono. Mark Mac has the assignment.
6 MY PAL JOE Joe didn’t take much betting action upon return, but he did race deceptively well. The top two had scooted off by time he shook loose. I just think he’s a lot better here on the big track. Hopes for hot pace up front.
7 NICHOLAS BEACH That was a real tough beat if you backed Nick last week. He just got outmuscled by a very game foe that night. But, it was a race he probably needed and will benefit from it. Clearly the one to beat tonight with Sears.
8 SUNDOWN KID Drew post 10 for his first try here and this isn’t much better. The field may be too tough anyway.
9 JUSTASEC N His qualifier was simply awesome! And Andy had him wrapped up too! This is no easy task for North American debut, but he just might be up to it. Did have a little speed, so the post may not ruin it. Very talented!
10 CHIEF MATE Had no luck over at Yonkers and it kind of continues here. Post 10 does look like a killer for him tonight and we might have to wait for a better spot later on.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 SHNITZLEDOSOMETHIN The Shnitz has been battling bravely of late, but without a whole lot of luck. Yannick seems to get along with him well, but they fave another imposing task here. At least he gets to start from the rail.
2 FRANCO TOTEM N Also racing his eyeballs out lately! But, is this class hike too much? He loses Dexter to his more heralded stablemate. Might be in here to “push the issue” near the lead? To set things up for #8. Maybe.
3 VETTEL N Had a real nice qualifier and then a very good first start back. The couple months off probably did him some good. But, like a few others in here, this is a very tough spot. Likes to finish, so I do wonder about the strategy.
4 POINTS NORTH Finds his way back from the north to Club Med. He’s been here before and he’s won here before. Was duking it out with Sintra up there and we know how good he is. Needs a good trip, but not impossible.
5 WORLD OF SECRETS Co-owned by former Driver of the Year, Aaron Merriman. Trainer Rhoades is strong out in Ohio, and won with his first starter here a few weeks ago. Horse likes to win, but he’s got a lot to prove vs. these.
6 U S CAPTAIN The Captain seems pretty good right now, but he was no match for Stride a few back. This is back up the class ladder and he loses Timmy T as well. I love his speed, though. Will try to steal away early. Will it work?
7 ANA AFREET N Dug in tenaciously last week, in one of the best races we’ve seen all season. That was a real war! And it’s probably going to happen again. Tim will have to be aggressive again. Tries to get the jump on Stride.
8 COLOSSAL STRIDE A As if you don’t know by now, this is a real serious racehorse! And Dexter fits him perfectly. Likes to grind after a target, and that was super race t watch last week. Let’s hope it’s that exciting again!
9 AMERICAN HISTORY Had one of those “better than it looked” qualifiers, but for wagering purposes tonight, I will try to beat him. I think he’s going to need one more, to get used to big track again. That, plus the post stinks.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 ENVIRONS HANOVER That was some wicked sprint home last week, and I thought it a much-improved effort for Environs. He needed that bounce-back after the surprising clunker before. He’s strong! He’s got speed. And the rail!
2 DRAGON ROARS AGAIN One of two newcomers to Club Med for trainer John B. They’re new to his barn too! Looks like this guy did some good work in that series up north. Looks like he likes to close. Should stalk up close, IF ready. Trainer: Tony O’Sullivan clued me in on both. They were sent to me due to the Canadian shutdown. They both came in this week and trained up fine. They should be ready to go.
3 WHAT YA THINKIN Yes, he got outsprinted a little in Big M debut, but it usually takes horses a race over the strip to acclimate. That could be the case here. You get should big odds if you fancy him in this spot. Another tough race.
4 BARRAGE HANOVER Just keeps doing his thing, and he’s pretty good at it. Dexter put him in the race much earlier last week and he fought hard all the way home. Same situation. Should have an edge on the newcomers. Low price.
5 FULL SEND Dave Miller had some options in here and took this guy over #2,7,9. That surprised me a bit! I see a lot of bad post starts down in Delaware. And this barn has brought quality horses here before. Take a good, long look.
6 ISLAND OF THE SEA Ended up scratching out of his Big M debut, so now we try again. Probably on same truck as JLL Cruze! But, Eric Ell didn’t get Dexter on this one. He chose #4 as expected. I guess I want to watch one first.
7 MAKE IT COME TRUE A third barn-changer in here, just to make our handicapping job tough! Won a couple legs of that is always a difficult series up north. But, he looks like a one-run closer. Will get away at the back of pack in here.
8 TEAM BEST Somebody’s got to be a longshot in here and Best is it. He was 70-1 for first go here and he raced okay. The problem tonight is the post. I’d be surprised if he gunned out, but you never know.
9 GRAY DRAGON New barn likes the two invaders and this is a good spot to start. My only knock on them is that Dave Miller was listed on both and ended up choosing #5. This guy’s got a little more early zip. Chased good one in last.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 WHITTAKER N Veteran gelding missed his chance to drop and pop and ended up a pretty even third. Now, it’s back up in class and Tetrick off. That is not a recipe for success around here.
2 JACKAMINO Just one win this year, and it didn’t come here. Also loses Tetrick tonight. I like the slight drop after the speed tightener at Philly. A different kind of trip might produce a more desirable result. Sits and stalks? Very usable.
3 GO WEST GO FAST Just can’t find a way to get lucky and win one of these. Maybe Yannick can change that. Chose this one over 4,5, so that’s a good sign. The inner post helps. Another nice trip in the flow would be key. Consider.
4 APEX SEELSTER Recent Pocono form is just dull. He looks like a longshot in here, even off the class drop.
5 SWEET TRUTH Even veterans sometimes need a race back over this track before they get mile-track tight. That could be the case here. But, if Yannick drove him last time and chose another, doesn’t that tell us something? Yes.
6 TUXEDO BAY Which Tuxedo is showing up tonight? The one that blew their doors off for Danny, or the one that was a little flat for his trainer last week? I wish I had the answer, but DD is making the trip tonight. We’ll see speed!
7 GOOD ROCKIN Finally took advantage of a good situation last week and earned a well-deserved win. So, he begins the climb back up the class ladder, and moves out to a tougher post. He can leave, but always better in stalk mode.
8 IMA REAL LADYS MAN The barn has made a living this meet on class drops like this. We all know this guy can gas-pedal it out there and that’s exactly what Tim will do. Will have to deal with Tux, but I think he’s better. We’ll find out.
9 REGAL SON Had he drawn a better post, I could make a stronger case. Georgie sent him out of there upon arrival and that was pretty hot pace. It looks like same thing to me tonight. Will have to make it easier, somehow.
10 THE CANDYMAN CAN Off the scratch, we’ll probably take a pass on this guy for now. Might need drop back down.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-10-6
H Horse Comment
1 COOL BLUES MAN Hasn’t made much of an impact here yet, so let’s keep him on the longshot list again.
2 PROPHET BLUE CHIP Changed things up last time and it kind of woke him up a little. Gets a better post, in a field of many question marks. He is also one of them. Let’s see if he can give the favorite a tussle. A maybe.
3 GINGER TREE PETE Goes out for a new barn tonight, after a couple of really rough trips down in Delaware. Might be time to just let Pete follow for a while? He does switch to Dexter, though, and should be a nice price. Tough call.
4 REVOLVER N Makes his way down from Canada, like a lot of others. Looks to me like he got a touch tired in the Freehold qualifier. I would always prefer to see the qualifier here. I want to watch one for now.
5 COLUMBO Drew post eight twice at Freehold, so that’s not fair! Gets a much better spot tonight, but is he a true big track horse? That, I don’t know. Austin S was listed, yet chose not to stick around. That tells me a lot.
6 STATEMENT MADE A I guess if anybody has a chance to beat the fave, this is one of them. He’s had a few great moments here in the past, but we’re all guessing if this drop is the key to a better effort. He’s not overly consistent.
7 SWORD OFTHE SPIRIT Another shipper with some dull recent form, and a lot of bad posts. This isn’t going to help.
8 CECIL CASANOVA Seemed like the whole world knew he was going to win two weeks ago. I mean, c’mon, 3-5! Also, S McKee came out of that race to win, so it’s a key race too! We might be looking at a very short price again.
9 WORLD ON EDGE MIA just a little too long, making his way here from Ohio. The post stinks. Let’s just pass for now.
10 LOVE THE BLUES N The other one with a legitimate chance to threaten the fave, but he will have to overcome post 10 to do it. A Mac will put him into the race on the class drop. Likes to grind it out. Maybe he can.