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2019-12-12Double Players Club Points
2019-12-12It's Your Lucky Day!
2019-12-13Beat The Boss Handicapping Challenge
2019-12-13Holiday Gift Card Sweepstakes
2019-12-14Toys for Tots
2019-12-19It's Your Lucky Day!
2019-12-19Double Players Club Points on Live Racing
2019-12-20$1 Night
2019-12-20Beat The Boss Handicapping Challenge
2019-12-20Free Texas Hold'em Poker
2019-12-21Free WHHC Handicapping Contest
2019-12-26Double Players Club Points
2019-12-26It's Your Lucky Day!
2019-12-27 Win your share of 2019!
2019-12-27Free Texas Hold'em Poker